Sunday, November 25, 2007

Scavenging, A Spiritual Experience

In the list of bizarre statements that Modi has made, this must rank right at the top:

In a recent book written by him and published by the state information department Modi says, “Scavenging must have been a spiritual experience for the Valmiki caste”.

The book titled Karmayog is yet to hit the stands.

In the book he goes on to say, “At some point in time somebody must have got enlightenment in scavenging. They must have thought that it is their duty to work for the happiness of the entire society and the Gods”.

It is amazing how Modi could delude himself into believing that cleaning sewers could be any body's idea of fun. Or probably we shouldn't be surprised; some ideas are exceptionally sticky.

It's not as if Modi had any real morality, but he was a wonderfully shrewd politician. No right thinking individual can ever condone the Gujarat pogrom or his irresponsible statements after the riots, but nor can they deny that it helped him win the elections. Even if the act was reprehensible, it delivered the results.

This particular statement is just plain stupid, nobody is going to come out in his support. Why loose a votebank and gain nothing in return?


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